visitors management system


Create positive connections with your visitors and contractors thanks to powerful visitor management apps. Kiosk app on iPad allows your visitors to check in themselves so you can focus on giving them a friendly welcome. Design badges that print automatically at check-in. Send helpful e-mail invitations and make sure your visitors feel confident about finding your building.


Make your check-in process reflect your brand identity.

Visitor recognition

Show your visitors that you’ve been expecting them. Have their name appear on the screen as they check in.

Instant pictures

Visitors can take their picture directly with the iPad. The photo is printed on their badge and is saved in your address book. It can also be sent to the host, so he recognizes his guest easily.


Your visitors can sign your NDA or health and safety instructions right on the screen.


Multiple tenants

Share a building with other companies? Use the same tablet to greet all visitors. Your guests select your logo on the screen and check in.

Text message reminders

On the day of their visit, visitors get a friendly text message reminder containing meeting details and entrance name.

Sign-out notifications

Hosts can be notified when visitors check out. If visitors don’t sign out, hosts also get a notification and can sign them out themselves to ensure the visitor list is always up-to-date.

Emergency notifications

Send a text message to all visitors in your building in just one tap. By sending a message directly to visitors’ phones, you can be sure that they are notified as quickly as possible.

Hosted in the cloud, the solution is designed to minimize deployment time, costs, and resource requirements. As part of this solution, 26HOUSE provides project management, coordination, custom development, testing support, data analytics and offers the opportunity to benefit from the acquired data.

We work with the best vendors on the market with technologies such as Proxyclick and more. We develop our very own software to satisfy your specific needs.