We digitalise
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We Integrate
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We Integrate
world-class technology



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Digitalisation Project Cycle

Requirements Gathering

Initial workshop/meetings with our experts determine what are the key parameters and required functionalities for the digitalisation of your chain of locations. All of these details are gathered together and we will provide you a concept of digitalisation to approve.

Analysis & Vendor Selection

What you want is not always what you actually need. We estimate the current situation, and understand deeply the model how your company operates in particular sector. Depending on gathered requirements we choose certified vendors, technologies and platforms.

Solution Design & Proof of Concept

Depending on the identified needs we design a solution including appropriate systems and integrations. We provide you with a solution which will boost your productivity and improve your workflow but their main objective is to ensure seamless data connectivity between all of the systems.

System Implementation Design

We create design and estimate the time of the implementation. We prepare the visualisation of the solution, data flows diagrams and demonstration of proposed solutions (e.g.in our showroom). Depending on proposed systems and functionalities, connecting various systems into one while ensuring regular data flow may take some time. We provide you the plan of the implementation and rollout phase. Our Project Managers will be in touch for entire implementation period.


We implement the systems with precise in fault-checking mechanism that prevent implementation from failures and unexpected problems caused during the installation process. Mostly caused by network issues, misunderstanding of requirements by 3rd parties, etc. We’re able to provide test units prior to roll-out to your teams to check whether the content is ready correctly, network compatibility, etc. Therefore is very important the close cooperation between you and our project team.

Maintenance & Support

As your company evolves, the system can evolve along with it. We regularly check if everything works and is updated. In case of any issues, our support center is ready to help you and follow up.

"Our retail stores are undergoing extensive redesign. 26HOUSE was selected as the main provider of digital technologies and software solutions - delivering digital signage software for displays, tablets and phones, along with face recognition and queue management system. We highly appreciate the approach of the project team which has been quickly responding to our demands, while delivering project with great professionalism. 26HOUSE’s solution will be implemented in 140 stores by the end of 2019.
Ondřej Zeman
O2 Czech Republic

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