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ERP  Odoo is the only IT system your company needs. 
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Journey with us

We listen

    We provide Consulting & Advisory services that help you assess different ERP strategies and find the best one.

We digitalize

It's our planned approach to integrate and customise existing or new tools into the existing workflow of your organisation.

Software Development
We create

To develop a tailor made ERP solution is suitable wherever the standard doesn't cover every need of your company.

Support & Maintenance
We care and prottect

Excellent support represents one of our core values. We offer extensive experience to provide sustainable maintenance of open source ERP solution.


Your Odoo Czech & Slovak GOLD Partner

With years of experience

No more painful integrations. With 35 000+ apps in, Odoo covers all your business needs in a one-stop solution: no more interfaces between different software required. Odoo apps are perfectly integrated to each others, allowing you to fully automate your business processes.

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What we do

We help to manage companies

Your company needs a simple, efficient, and automated amazing software solution. Do not pay huge money for a complicated IT landscape. Implement open source ERP Odoo and increase your revenue with costs under control.

Smart Retail
We digitalise retail chains
We connect offline and online solutions in great stores that inspire customers and help businesses to increase traffic and sales. Do not wait, new era is coming now.

Digital Signage
We love nice content

We create beautiful and intelligent content on simple, cloud-based technologies that will help to increase your sales in any type of store. Displays, music, foot calculations, queue management, price tags, and much more.

Smart Buildings
We help to build great relations

We create a pleasant and inspirational environment for your employees, tenants, or residents in any building. Adjust light, shading, temperature, meeting reservations, or even services with just one touch.

Rastislav Brenčič


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Dominik Kertys

Head of Support & Maintenance

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Milan Pišťáček

Head of Sales CZ & SK

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Miroslav Antol

Head of Delivery 

and Product Management

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Hani Weiss

Chief Technology Officer

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Zuzana Astalošová

Head of Consulting 

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