Slovak & Czech - annual legislative support
882,00 € 882,00 € 882.0 EUR
• The price is with 20% VAT.
• Legislative support, accounting, tax, invoicing agendas, including editing dialogs, press reports and reports
• Ensures the compliance of the accounting invoicing product with currently valid, generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic & Czech Republic as well as the upgrade of print reports
Slovak SEPA Payments
108,00 € 108,00 € 108.0 EUR
• The price is with 20% VAT.
• Generation of payment orders for payment in SEPA XML format adapted to the Slovak banking standard sepa format
Swimlane for Projects
240,00 € 240,00 € 240.0 EUR
Batch payment and bank statement import
108,00 € 108,00 € 108.0 EUR
Domestic batch payments in CFD
Import of data bank statements in STA
Humanet integration
2.998,80 € 2.998,80 € 2998.8 EUR
Cena vrátane DPH 20%.

Odoo integration into Humanet system
Integration of HR module Employees into payroll system Humanet.
• Management of personal data and data regarding working contract at one place.
• Defines necessary data needed for payroll system following Slovak legislation.
Ensure the automated data transfer of new employees and automated transfer of all changes done in Odoo.