Case study: Innovatrics

About Innovatrics

Innovatrics is an independent EU-based provider of trusted biometric solutions for governments and enterprises. The name Innovatrics is a combination of Innovation & Biometrics. 

After 20 years it still has the most accurate fingerprint algorithms in the world and has grown into facial and iris recognition as well. The commitment to excellence drives Innovatrics’ R&D team to keep on innovating. Being at the forefront of AI for image processing, they incorporate their breakthroughs into the algorithms used in biometric solutions.


Customer Portal

Innovatrics had several single-purpose portals for clients, that were used for support, partner education and certification, product download management, and licensing of products. The portals were not integrated with CRM or any other automated system and have their own user credentials, rights management system, visual style, and UX. Such complexities were not acceptable anymore for either clients or the employees of Innovatrics. 


The primary CRM tool used was Zoho, which was integrated with WordPress website. Many processes in Zoho from lead processing to invoicing, were manual or semi-automated, leading to inefficiencies and user interventions. While Zoho was integrated with WordPress, it lacked crucial connections with other softwares like Pohoda, requiring manual data transfers. Having several standalone applications was complicating operations, data flow and processing, analytics and on top of that it meant constant data imports & exports for various email marketing campaigns. 

Phase 1 - Customer Portal


  1. Replace previously used single-purpose portals and develop and implement a fully functional Customer Portal using Odoo that covers all of the functions of previous solution.
  2. Decrease the workload of Innovatrics' employees and to minimize the need of clients to switch between different systems.
  3. Ensure that all client interactions and historical data within portal are seamlessly relfected in on place. This objective aims to maintatin a synchronized and comprehensive database of client-related activities.
  4. Create a consistent, secure, scalable and quick solution.


26HOUSE created a new Customer Portal that serves as a Single-point of Contact between Innovatrics, their partners and  clients.

By implementing the Odoo ERP system, 26HOUSE created a new Customer Portal which integrates all of the functionalities of previously used portals by Innovatrics.

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Main functionalities of the new Customer Portal:

1) Automated generator of subscription licenses from specific License types based on specified portal user parameters

2) View details of the generated license

3) View the balance of licenses (used vs max amount of licenses to be generated)

4) Download generated license (.lic files)

5) Create and manage Templates for license generation

6) Access list of products, which were assigned to a specific Portal user (customer)

7) View the Products description

8) View Release versions and history of the product

9) Access downloadable files and integration with AWS storage

10) Manage users from the portal (Create new users, manage the access rights to generate licenses)

11) Access Innovatrics guides and manuals via the Help button on the portal

12) Upload usage logs to the portal and integration with AWS

13) Integration with Countly (when logs are uploaded on the portal)

14) API key-secret pair generation

15) Integration with oAuth 2.0

16) Generation of API key-pair secret by the customer on the portal

17) Retrieving of oAuth credentials by the customer on the portal

18) Rotation of oAuth credentials by the customer on the portal

19) Viewing the history of all authentications made by portal user

Final outcome

The overall solution made with Odoo allowed 26HOUSE to develop the Customer Portal, that will be a central control panel, where Innovatrics clients can manage their licenses from end to end without the need of switching between the systems.

Clients can log into the Customer Portal, Manage their own users and licenses, upload special logs, required by Innovatrics for certain types of licenses from clients, and retrieve and partially manage credentials for accessing Innovatrics’ final products.

Innovatrics employees are in full control of all their clients, licenses, and products, as Odoo is used as a backend for the Customer Portal, so the whole history of clients’ interaction with the Customer Portal is always reflected in Odoo ERP.

The Odoo website framework is essentially used as a core for the whole Project. Several customizations were implemented, but thanks to Odoo most of the frontend was built with UI elements provided in Odoo Website application. Since the Odoo website is integrated within Odoo backend, it was easy to match custom models and fields with Website elements, which allowed us to create a consistent, secure, and quick solution.

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Phase 2 - CRM


After the switch to Customer portal based on Odoo, Innovatrics realized an opportunity to centralize and streamline their operations. The goals were clere:

  1. Implement an integrated CRM solution that covers the full spectrum from lead generation to sales, billing and license management.
  2. Minimize manual interventions by automating as many processes as possible.
  3. Obtain real-time data and insights, in order to be able to respond to new market trends and increase competitiveness.
  4. Decrease the diligence related to marketing campaigns and remove Mailchimp from application portfolio.

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Here is how Innovatrics' client journey was reshaped after implementing Odoo:

Lead generation

Potential clients, whether they come across Innovatrics via online or traditional methods, have a streamlined pathway to express their interest. Forms submitted on the website, are automatically transformed into leads within the Odoo CRM. For leads that don't originate online, the system provides flexibility: leads can still be created manually or imported in bulk, ensuring that no potential customer is left untracked.

Lead Processing

Once a lead is registered, salespersons swings into action. Using Odoo's interface, they systematically collect additional client data, enriching the lead's profile. This process not only helps in understanding the client's requirements better, but also aids in determining the lead's potential. By analyzing this data, salespersons can prioritize leads and decide the best time to convert them into opportunities, thus making the process efficient and targeted.

Quotation to Sales Completion

The journey from expressing interest to sealing a deal is made smooth with Odoo. Sales personnel can swiftly create quotations tailored to clients' specific needs. The system's auto-generation capabilities ensure that these proposals are detailed, accurate, and professional. Rapid revisions can be made if negotiations demand changes. Once terms are agreed upon, the deal moves to the licensing phase without delay. Integrated in Odoo product assignment logic and license generation mean clients gain immediate access to their purchased products or services, enhancing their overall experience.

Client Portal

Post-sale, the interaction with the client in Odoo doesn't end. Clients are provided access to an exclusive portal where they can dive deeper into product details, analytics, and other resources. They can generate licenses, download essential resources, and upload usage logs for Innovatrics analytic team. This portal serves as a one-stop hub for clients, offering them autonomy and real-time solutions. 

Real-time Insights

With the integrated nature of Odoo, every client interaction, from a mere website visit to a product purchase, is tracked. This real-time data capture allows the sales and marketing teams to have a pulse on the client's journey. Such insights pave the way for personalized client engagement, potential upselling opportunities, and even preemptive solutions to issues that a client might face.


Financial transactions are crucial and need utmost accuracy. With Odoo, invoicing is automated and centralized. Once a sale is confirmed, invoices are generated without manual interventions, reducing the scope for errors. Integration with Pohoda ensures that the financial data flows smoothly to the master accounting system, ensuring a unified financial overview.

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Business benefits

Odoo & WordPress integration

A) Improved Lead and Opportunity Management - leads to more efficient sales processes and higher conversion rates
B) Enhanced Data Quality - every lead is unique, reduced data redundancy and ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date
C) Systematic Lead Tracking - helps in better lead nurturing and ensures that no potential opportunities are overlooked
D) Competitive Advantage - is a result of effective lead management and clear insights into lead sources and interactions

Odoo & Google Analytics integration: 

A) Data-Driven Marketing -
every detail of user interaction on website is captured, which helps with indentifying user behavior patterns, preferences, and interests  ​
B) Rich Lead Profiles -
all of the obtained data are enriching lead profiles in CRM, providing marketing & sales team complete understanding of each lead 
C) Increased Conversion Rates -
based on rich lead profile, leads are provided with personalized marketing content and offers that align with their interests and behaviors
D) ROI Optimization -
rich lead profiles and targeted campaigns allows Innovatrics to allocate resources more efficiently to strategies that deliver the best results.

Email Marketing

A)Enhanced Targeting and Segmentation - results in higher engagement rates and more effective email campaigns.
B) Real-Time Performance Tracking -  instant access to performance metrics enables quick adjustments and optimization for better results
C) Improved Conversion Rates - personalized approach leads to higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty.
D) Cost Efficiency & Time Savings - Odoo's integrated solution eliminates manual contact imports & exports, and the need for and multiple tools and platforms, reducing overall software costs and the need to switch between different software applications.

Odoo's Flexibility and Expanded Portal 

A) Adaptability to Business Growth - implemented solution can grow and adapt alongside the business
B) Single Place of Contact - automated end-to-end Customer Journey
C) Audit trail of all performed activities and communication
D) Personalized access to information for each specific client
E) Disburden of Innovatrics Helpdesk

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